Masternode Mandatory Upgrade to Syscoin 4.4

2 min readMar 13, 2023

It is now time to upgrade your Syscoin Masternode to Syscoin 4.4.

This is a mandatory upgrade and Sentinel must also be upgraded.

After block 1,586,000 if you have not upgraded, you will no longer receive rewards. Below you will find how to upgrade your VPS via Script Install or Manual Install, plus installing 4.4 QT.

NOTE: When you first upgrade your masternode and QT it will reindex.

Script Install Upgrade

  1. Login to your VPS via root
  2. Run the following command
syscoin-cli stop

3. Run the following command


If this does not work, please type in the following and try again

source ~/.bashrc

4. This will bring up the following;

Press enter and it will bring up the following screen;

5. Press Enter for all options.

6. This will now install the newest version of Syscoin.

7. Once Completed type the following

syscli getnetworkinfo

This will show that you have upgraded to the latest version of 4.4.

syscli getblockcount

This will make sure that your masternode is reindexing. It should be around 0 mark.

#If it does not reindex, run the following
syscoin-cli stop
sysd -reindex

All upgraded!

Your Masternode is now upgraded to the latest version of Syscoin, you may now exit out of your VPS.

Manual Install Upgrade

Run the following cmds in console:

#Upgrade to 4.4
cd ~/syscoin
~/syscoin/src/syscoin-cli stop
git checkout v4.4.0
git pull
make -j$(nproc)
make install

#Upgrade Sentinel
cd sentinel
git fetch
git checkout master --quiet
git pull

#Restart Syscoind

#Check to make sure updated, it will show 4.4.0
~/syscoin/src/syscoin-cli getnetworkinfo

#Check to make sure it reindexed, will be close to 0 blocks
~/syscoin/src/syscoin-cli getblockcount

#If it does not reindex, run the following
~/syscoin/src/syscoin-cli stop
~/syscoin/src/syscoind -reindex

#Once completed reindex
~/syscoin/src/syscoin-cli stop

Installing 4.4 QT


  1. Find your QT for your operating system at the link above and download.
  2. Make sure you backup your wallet.dat file
  3. Open and Install 4.4 QT to the default directory or directory where you have installed 4.3 or earlier versions of QT.
  4. Run new QT and let it reindex.




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