Setting up Metamask for Syscoin Testnet — NEVM Tanenbaum

3 min readOct 4, 2021
Setting up Metamask for NEVM Tanenbaum

In this guide, we will show you how to set up Metamask for Syscoin.

Install the Metamask Extension from the Store

Visit the browser extension marketplace and download the MetaMask extension.

Create a MetaMask Wallet or Import One

I’d suggest creating a new one if you haven’t done so.

Click import wallet if you have an existing wallet.

Set up your password and secret recovery phrase somewhere safe.

Quick Auto Setup to connect to Syscoin Network

Head to and click Connect Wallet.

Once Connected, search for Syscoin in the search bar.

For Testnet, click Add to Metamask (the Syscoin Tanenbaum Testnet).

You have now connected to the Syscoin Tanenbaum Testnet with your Metamask Wallet! You can now interact with dApps on Syscoin NEVM.

Manual Setup to connect to Syscoin Network

Switch the connected blockchain by clicking on the tab saying Main Ethereum Network, we need to add the Syscoin network.

Scroll down until you find Custom RPC.

Enter in the Syscoin NEVM Tanenbaum Testnet settings as follows:

Click Save.

You have now connected to the Syscoin Tanenbaum Testnet with your Metamask Wallet! You can now interact with dApps on Syscoin NEVM.

Transactions on the Syscoin Tanenbaum Testnet require tSYS which will be used as a gas fee.

Get tSYS testnet tokens from the following faucet;

Syscoin Resources

Bridging between Syscoin and NEVM Tanenbaum

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Syscoin’s Layer-1 features include proprietary Z-DAG technology to experience near-instant network transactions, ultra-low transaction fees, taproot, and a token platform, and compatibility with Bitcoin’s emerging Layer-2 advancements. Syscoin’s token platform currently features custom notary API, Fungible Tokens, NFTs, and Fractionalized NFTs.

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