Syscoin Weekly Update #43

This weekly update is written by the community for the community, to bring you all the latest Syscoin, Blockchain Foundry and SCMT news! Weekly updates, other articles and a lot more can also be found on the new website!

Syscoin and BCF News

Syscoin Foundation Completes Banking Paperwork

The Foundation has announced that they have completed the paperwork on their banking application with Wirex, and have successfully registered for a Business Account (no mean feat in the Crypto industry!) This achievement brings with it a new era of leadership and potential real-world alliances that will help push Syscoin Platform to new heights.

LODE — European Tour

The LODE Team are on a short tour of Europe and are kicking things off next week with two dates at IRX (Internet Retailing Expo) to be held at the NEC in Birmingham, England. It is the UK’s largest digital retail show, with many great speakers, exhibitors, and cutting-edge retail tech. Then it’s on to Lyon (April 8), Nice (April 9) and Paris (April 10), France to meet with many of the LODE Community members who have been instrumental in constructing the LODE monetary mass and enabling the creation of AGX Coins.

Syscoin community members are invited to attend any of the above dates to connect with the LODE team and learn more about their ground-breaking platform. Review of Syscoin

Our friends over at Flyp have published a great round-up of the features currently available in Syscoin 3.0

Master of Nodes Review

Master of Nodes have put together a thorough review of Syscoin Platform.

Nick Tucker of Atlanta Bitcoin Embassy uses AGX Pay

David S. from LODE had a great talk with Nick Tucker, COO of Atlanta Bitcoin Embassy — Nick said he was very happy with the user experience of #AGX Pay, which runs on Syscoin Platform, when he became one of the first customers ever touse AGX coins, at #Anarchapulco.

Monkey Tracking Listing

Syscoin has been listed on the Monkey Tracking portfolio tracking platform as premium currency. You can now monitor your SYS wallets and masternodes directly with their App.

Summary of the weekly AMA with Dan

Q: After sys4 is lunch public what step you take to make sys known to people around the world. Sys has top tech, more people should know. It’s good thing

So I think the answer there is multi-part; the first and foremost thing is publishing research info like the zdag whitepaper and the tps reports that will attract more development-minded people to the platform.
i also think increased governance is a big part of accomplishing that goal as more funding is needed toward marketing as a whole- doing things that surfaces those reports I mentioned and their value to not only developers but also investors and mainstream consumers. And then BCF is key to that as well- because the third leg of getting Syscoin in front of more people iis operationalizing it in real world use cases and that is what we are doing via client work like Lode and others. So its like ‘wow sys is fast’ and then its like ‘wow sys is fast and that advantage is being used by real clients on the platform’.

Q: I know you can’t say tps but it’s on good place compared to other project?

It is very good, I need to see if there are any other audited tps numbers I can compare to. If anyone knows of any pls link me! Looking for things w third party reports to back them up, not ‘payment per second’ claims dressed up as a TPS.

Q: How does the cash reserves of blockchainfoundry look? Are there still funds to fund dev etc…? Will the project push on? I can imagine times are tough

They’re good but we also are working to create more alignment w the protocol itself. For better or worse we spent a majority of BCF funds in 2018 on SYS development and have no SYS to show for it but we’re working to align these things so that we can continue to focus in that same way while also building even more value in the ecosystem through clients we expose to the platform’s capabilities.

Q: Is pangolin still going to be made?

It’s kinda already made, another one of those sys things we invested time and developer resources in. Its like 60% developed, can certainly do SYS txs assets need a lil more work and even SYS stuff would need more work for production readiness.

Q: Your primary goal of making money now is to do consulting, correct?

Consulting and building more value in the protocol itself. Through things like DIDs, and other stuff we aren’t ready to talk about yet. We have some internal roadmapping beyond sys4 ofc

Q: You have been a member of the microsoft alliance. What does that mean other then the name? I mean, are there meetings, things to build, initiatives etc

We have direct involvement in the DID spec creation- yep exactly. We’ve spoken w Dan B a number of times about ways to leverage the spec on SYS for diff client work. And of course we see a lot of value in creating a SYS DID, which is something we’d like to do post sys4.

We see identity as a key component in a decentralized system geared towards doing anything beyond basic payments and an interoperable and extensible implementation like DID is the way to go as far as we can see given today’s options. It would still work similar to aliases in the end because we’d implement it into the QT reference client, it just wouldn’t be on-chain in its entirety, thus making it more scalable. The state of identities would still be ledgered, but that's a much more small/concise piece of data to stick on chain.

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