Test out our NEVM Smart Contracts today!

2 min readOct 13, 2021

We invite you all to test out the Syscoin NEVM Smart Contracts.

Syscoin Tanenbaum Testnet is live!

We recently released our NEVM Smart Contract layer, which is now on the public Testnet called Tanenbaum. The NEVM brings EVM and scalable smart contracts to the Syscoin ecosystem. For a deeper understanding of the Syscoin NEVM, you can read more about it here; Syscoin NEVM Smart Contract Layer Explained.

The current RC is Syscoin 4.3.0rc2 Testnet Release. Head here to download the latest release of Syscoin QT.

Helpful Links

Launch Smart contracts on Tanenbaum

To test out our Smart Contracts, head to our faucet to get yourself some tSYS. First, you will need to add Syscoin to your Metamask

Web3 endpoint: https://rpc.tanenbaum.io
Network ID: 5700
Network name: NEVM Tanenbaum

You can then use your favourite IDE such as Remix, HardHat, Visual Studio to create your smart contracts as you would for Ethereum, BSC, Polygon to connect and launch.


The Bridge enables a seamless way to move between the layers of Syscoin from SYS <> SYSX <>NEVM. The bridge will require both Metamask and Pali Wallet installed to interact with the dAP

Set up Masternodes

Syscoin 4.3 Testnet Setup

We need 400 Masternodes to test out Chainlocks. If you would like to help, head to our Discord and join the #testnet channel. Grab yourself some tSYS and follow the guide below;


About Syscoin

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Syscoin Platform is a full Layer-1 and Layer-2 blockchain solution built to combine industry-proven technology to support cutting-edge applications all in one network. The project’s goal is to build a protocol that transforms the blockchain experience and combines the best of Bitcoin and Ethereum. Through Bitcoin merge-mining, Syscoin transforms Bitcoin’s Proof-of-Work security and decentralization into a functional and scalable solution.

Syscoin’s Layer-1 features include proprietary Z-DAG technology to experience near-instant network transactions, ultra-low transaction fees, taproot, and a token platform, and compatibility with Bitcoin’s emerging Layer-2 advancements. Syscoin’s token platform currently features custom notary API, Fungible Tokens, NFTs, and Fractionalized NFTs.

On the Syscoin Platform, a masternode network provides a scalable service layer and added security through ChainLocks. Building on the Syscoin Platform unlocks future access to Network Enhanced Smart Contracts (NEVM) that takes the best of Ethereum and expands its processing power to facilitate bigger and more complex programs with ultra-low fees.




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